Board Round

The Board Round is the most important phase of good discharge planning

It is the gold standard to make sure patients are discharged with their medication. On the occasion when this is not possible, we must ensure that plans are in place for swift and safe delivery of medication to the patient.

Every day patients are coming into our Emergency Department and need beds on your ward. Good board rounds ensure the greatest number of beds are available for them.

The board round must be succinct. Good management and planning here makes your work more effective, improves care for the patient and the efficiency of the hospital as a whole.

Most patients can be discussed in less than a minute. So even on the biggest ward the meeting should take no longer than half an hour. Keep the bed managers informed.

You must have the right team for your ward. Everybody must take responsibility, everyone’s role and contribution is important.

Use the SORT mnemonic

It helps gives structure to your discussions
Click here to see the SORT plan

Jargon Buster

  • ACU
    Acute Care Unit
  • AEC
    Ambulatory Emergency CARE
  • CCG
    Clinical Commissioning Group
  • ED
    Emergency Department

  • EDD
    Estimated Date of Discharge
  • IDT
    Integrated Discharge Team
  • Pulmonary Embolism
    Pulmonary embolism: A sudden blockage in a lung artery. The blockage is usually caused by a blood clot that travels to the lung from a vein in the leg.

  • SORT
    Sick patients, Out today or tomorrow, Rest of patients, To come in.
  • SPCA
    Single Point Clinical Access
  • TTO (Pharmacy medication)
    To Take Out